Regulation A Offering Limits Increased to $75 Million

On Monday, November 2, exciting news was announced by the SEC regarding Regulation A offerings. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved long-awaited amendments to offering limits to “promote capital formation and expand investment opportunities.” These amendments, going into effect on January 2, 2021, drastically increase the amount of capital that issuers can raise through RegA+ offerings.

Before the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) of 2012, Regulation A was a relatively obscure and underutilized regulation since adherence to Blue Sky Laws in all 50 states made it time-consuming and costly. The JOBS Act transformed RegA into a company-friendly law allowing businesses to raise millions of dollars. Broken down into two tiers, Tier 1 allows companies to raise a maximum of $20 million after meeting compliance with Blue Sky Laws in each state, while Tier 2 previously allowed up to $50 million to be raised after the offering statement has been reviewed and accepted by the SEC. While neither tiers place limits on the amount an accredited investor can invest, Tier 2 limits individual investors to either 10% of their net worth or annual income.

With this latest amendment to Regulation A, companies will now be able to raise a maximum of $75 million under Tier 2 offerings. This comes as great news for companies looking to raise capital through RegA offerings since Tier 2 offerings comprise the majority of those conducted, with 73% of qualified offerings falling under this tier. This substantial increase allows issuers to raise larger sums of capital to fund their business and its development. In addition, the updated Regulation A raises the offering limit of secondary sales from $15 million to $22.5 million. With Tier 2 offerings preempting Blue Sky Laws in each state, it offers companies an efficient tool for efficiently raising capital on a nationwide scale.

With an increase of $25 million, this drastic improvement to Regulation A offerings will empower more companies to raise the capital they need for success.




KoreConX a fully complaint Global Digital Securities protocol #digitalsecurities #IRPrivate @koreconx #shareholders #koreprotocol #CapTable

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KoreConX a fully complaint Global Digital Securities protocol #digitalsecurities #IRPrivate @koreconx #shareholders #koreprotocol #CapTable

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