Online is Proving Successful for Minority Founders

There’s no question that the internet has leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes and industries. But for minority-owned startups, online platforms are proving to be incredibly successful in gaining exposure, growing their customer base, and raising capital. In 2021, funding from crowd raising , showcasing the increasing use of online fund raising.

A Lack of Diversity in Traditional Capital

When it comes to startups, online platforms for startup investing are more inclusive than traditional venture capitalists (VCs). This is demonstrated by the fact that a wider variety of founders can get their businesses off the ground with the help of online platforms. These platforms don’t rely on personal relationships and networks between founders and investors, which can often be exclusive in the VC world. Instead, they provide a level playing field for all types of founders online.

One of the reasons online platforms are more inclusive is that they allow for a broader range of funding options. Founders can get access to equity-based crowdfunding through RegA and RegCF. This allows minority founders who may not have access to traditional resources such as VCs to get the funding to launch their businesses through crowdfunding and JOBS Act regulations. Online startup investing platforms are also more transparent than traditional VCs. This transparency can help to level the playing field for all types of founders, as it allows them to see which startups are doing well and which ones aren’t. This information is often hidden from view by traditional VCs, which can lead to bias and discrimination. By using online platforms for startup investing, minority founders can level the playing field and have a greater chance of success with their businesses.

The Internet is Improving Crowdfunding for Minorities

Online startup investing is changing the VC landscape, making it more inclusive for minority founders. In 2020, only 2.6% of VC dollars were invested in minority founders. However, over $486 million was invested through online startup investing in startups in 2021 — a significantly higher percentage than traditional VC investment. Through methods like Regulation Crowdfunding, everyday investors have the opportunity to invest in promising startups led by underrepresented founders. These online platforms level the playing field, allowing minority founders to receive the support and funding they need to succeed.

While there is still a long way to go, online startup investing is proving that it can be an inclusive and effective investment opportunity for minority founders. As more investors engage with these platforms and more promising startups seek funding through Regulation Crowdfunding, we will see continued growth in minority-founded companies receiving the support they deserve. Overall, online startup investing has the potential to create a more diverse and dynamic VC landscape — one that better reflects the diversity of our nation.

The Future of Online Funding

As the world becomes more and more digitized, so too does entrepreneurship. This is especially apparent in how online fundraising is becoming an increasingly popular way to raise money for businesses of all sizes. And as online fundraising grows in popularity, it’s also becoming an increasingly important tool for minority entrepreneurs.

There are several reasons why online fundraising is such a valuable tool for minority entrepreneurs . It levels the playing field in terms of who has access to capital. In the past, minority entrepreneurs have often been shut out of traditional funding sources, such as angel investors and venture capitalists. But with online fundraising, anyone with a great business idea can reach a global audience of potential investors.

In the past, minority entrepreneurs have often been pigeon-holed into stereotypes by the mainstream media. But with online fundraising, they can bypass the traditional gatekeepers and speak directly to potential investors. They can tell their own stories and showcase the unique strengths of their businesses rather than having those messages filtered through a predominantly white, male-dominated media.

Originally published at on April 27, 2022.




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KoreConX a fully complaint Global Digital Securities protocol #digitalsecurities #IRPrivate @koreconx #shareholders #koreprotocol #CapTable

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